Top Characteristics of Anesthesiologist

In the practice of medicine, anesthesia induces unconsciousness so that the patient doesn’t feel pain during the surgery. A skillful anesthesiologist helps to ensure that the patient remains stress-free, calm and safe during the whole complex procedure of surgery. Just like surgeons, the anesthesiologist is equally responsible for the successful operation. The effective use of Read more about Top Characteristics of Anesthesiologist[…]

Is Anesthesia Safe for Healthy Toddlers?

Generally, anesthesia is given to induce unconsciousness through the whole surgical procedure. The major concern that most parents have is that whether anesthesia is safe or not? It can be discomforting for every parent to watch their child lying unconscious during the surgery but watching him experiencing excruciating pain would be even more painful. Anesthesia Read more about Is Anesthesia Safe for Healthy Toddlers?[…]

How can social media benefit your medical practice?

In this digital era, social media platforms play an integral role in connecting patients with the health professionals. It helps in promoting your medical practice by providing it ample visibility. It acts as a tool to reach out to more people. Many studies have proved that social media has thoroughly helped in elevating the healthcare Read more about How can social media benefit your medical practice?[…]