VP Medical Solutions

VP Medical Solutions is a ground-breaking medical billing and anesthesia staffing  company dedicated to delivering the highest possible value for a diverse range of medical specialties and practices. Our qualified and licensed team of experts properly understand the needs of your practice and work to ensure that your billing and anesthesia services are streamlined and thoroughly incorporated in accordance with your business model.

We do this by working closely with you to offer personalized services that take into account the specifics of your business in order to make the billing and anesthesia staffing process a quicker and more efficient one.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our extensive hands-on knowledge regarding the industry, a diverse skills set and solid experiences spanning for many years. Our motto lies in offering our customers high-quality and friendly experience that is free of all worries and hassle. What makes it possible is the use of latest techniques along with our first-hand market understanding that allows us to nail the job in the quickest possible time.








Blessing Akigbogun, APRN, FNP-C, CMRS

President, Medical Billing Department

Blessing is a highly educated and certified medical reimbursement specialist. Her and her team of well-educated and certified professionals will help lower your expenses while increasing your collections. She is also a family nurse practitioner with Master of Science in Nursing. She has over 7+ years’ experience in providing patient care and ensuring financial success of medical practices. Her professional memberships include American Medical Billing Association, American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and an active member of Fort Bend chamber of commerce. Blessing believes providers should be more focused in providing quality and excellent patient care while she focuses on increasing provider’s collections and profitability.

Ola Akigbogun, APRN, CRNA

President, Anesthesia Staffing Department

Ola is a well-qualified Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. He has over 10+ in the medical field and 6+ years in providing anesthesia services to hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. He understands the importance of providing exceptional anesthesia services to improve the clinical, operational and financial performance of medical practices. The anesthesia services team is committed to providing a cost effective and high-quality level of care. He is an active analysis panel member of the National Board of Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetist, American Association of Nurse Anesthetist and Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetist.