We will improve your patient care outcomes and get you paid for ALL you do



Our goal is to enable you the opportunity to focus on what matters the most, your patients.

Medical billing

We provide a concierge medical billing and reimbursement services with our first hand patient care experience. We are an extension of  your practice and have developed a proven system to maximize your billing cycle.

Anesthesia staffing

A concierge anesthesia group with highly qualified, board certified anesthesia providers dedicated to serving our clients and providing great patient care 


Are you looking to providing quality care to your patients and getting paid for all that you do


 We Are

Our goal is to enable you the opportunity to focus on what matters the most, your patients.


VP Medical Solutions

VP Medical Solutions is a ground-breaking medical billing and anesthesia staffing  company dedicated to delivering the highest possible value for a diverse range of medical specialties and practices. Our qualified and licensed team of experts properly understand the needs of your practice and work to ensure that your billing and anesthesia services are streamlined and thoroughly incorporated in accordance with your business model.

We do this by working closely with you to offer personalized services that take into account the specifics of your business in order to make the billing and anesthesia staffing process a quicker and more efficient one.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our extensive hands-on knowledge regarding the industry, a diverse skills set and solid experiences spanning for many years. Our motto lies in offering our customers high-quality and friendly experience that is free of all worries and hassle. What makes it possible is the use of latest techniques along with our first-hand market understanding that allows us to nail the job in the quickest possible time.


Increase in earnings

By letting us handle your billing, you automatically reduce your stress and hassle, which lets you focus on your practice and give it your 100 percent.

Revenues are received faster

We do not just help you maximize your earnings, we make sure that it happens fast. Our claims processing speed and collection time are way above industry averages.

Round-the-clock servicing and easy communication

Your account manager and the rest of the team here at VPS Medical Billing make your practice their priority.


Medical billing specialties



Anesthesia/Pain Management Medical Billing


Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Billing


Family Practice Medical Billing


Mental Health Medical Billing


Pediatrics Medical Billing


Outpatient Surgery Medical Billing



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